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[2005-05-11] Registered phpvitae on
[2005-05-17] Released phpvitae-0.1-alpha
[2005-05-20] Released phpvitae-0.2-beta
[2005-10-27] Released phpvitae-0.3-beta
[2005-12-30] Released phpvitae-0.4-beta

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+ Current release is phpvitae-0.3-beta

PhpVitae allows you to manage some simple forms to collect curriculum vitae from internet users. Currently phpvitae request information about:

  • candidate's general data
  • jobs experiences and studies
  • knowledges

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PhpVitae is based on PHP and MySQL. It includes

  • simple style-sheet personalization
  • php file configuration
  • form to upload images and picture related to the curriculum

PhpVitae includes even an admin interface which allows you to

  • admin categories and knowledges requested by curriculum forms
  • statistics upon candidates, ordered by their skills
  • a simple and fast engine to search into every field of database for particular candidates' skills

PHPVitae release under GNU GPL - Davide Villani @ DaemonZone
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